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Representative Cases within Meyner and Landis LLP Litigation Group: Commercial Matters

  • U.S. District Court, District of NJ. Successfully represented national lender with $4.5 million loan exposure in defense of fraudulent conveyance claims.
  • U.S. District Court, District of NJ. Obtained full recovery of $675,000 plus legal fees under disputed overseas sales and manufacturing contract for multinational business.
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court - NJ. Defended lender in federal, state and bankruptcy court proceedings involving Ponzi scheme and check kiting claims with potential $2.0+ million exposure.
  • Law Division, NJ Superior Court. Successfully defended bank against $1.2 million claim in 7-day jury trial for abuse of process in eviction of commercial tenant.
  • Law Division, NJ Superior Court. Recovered in excess of $1.0 million on behalf of defrauded lender in accountant malpractice action. Settlement after mediation procedure involving numerous fact and expert witnesses.
  • Law Division, NJ Superior Court. Defended multi-million dollar claims arising under long term stevedoring contract for major shipper in Port Elizabeth.
  • Chancery Division, NJ Superior Court. Successfully defended claims (a) to enjoin bank from engaging in the marketing and sale of insurance products in the states of New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New York and (b) to cause bank to account for and pay commissions on premiums to one of bank's group health plan insurance carriers.
  • Prosecution to successful completion of a multitude of collection matters on behalf of various financial institutions seeking recovery on notes, guaranties, and other evidences of indebtedness.
  • Tax Court and Appellate Division, NJ Superior Court, and U.S. District Court and 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals. Successfully represented major natural gas pipeline company with respect to New Jersey regulatory, real estate and business tax matters.
  • NJ Superior Courts and U.S. Southern District NY. Successfully defended employers in employment discrimination litigation.