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UK Visas and Immigration
The official government website for visa services explains when an individual requires a visa, and sets out the requirements and procedures for obtaining a visa.
The popular immigration website gives information and advice on obtaining work permits around the world, and offers practical information about living in another country. It also has the latest international immigration news.

Refugee Council Online
The Refugee Council provides a variety of support and advocacy services for refugees and asylum seekers, and campaigns for the fairest system possible for them. The website includes useful guides on various related topics, including navigating the asylum system, and employing asylum seekers and refugees.

Life in the UK Test
The Life in the UK test must be taken by many applicants seeking indefinite leave to remain or British citizenship. The test examines an applicant’s knowledge and understanding of life in the UK to enable the Border Agency decide whether or not to grant an application. This website provides in-depth information about the test and how best to prepare.

Amnesty International
The website of the international organisation that campaigns for internationally recognised human rights for every individual worldwide.

United National High Commissioner for Refugees
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is an impartial humanitarian organisation working for the international protection of refugees and the resolution of their problems, including helping them to start normal lives. The website offers legal and other information.

Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service — Immigration and Asylum
This section of the government’s Tribunals Service hears immigration and asylum appeals. The website gives useful information on how appeals are heard and decided, and includes guidance and forms that can be used to commence appeals by individuals.

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