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If you want to come to the UK to work or study, contact an experienced UK immigration lawyer to help you navigate the points-based system. Find out which of the five tiers you fit into and that tier's conditions, entitlements and entry-clearance checks. Points are based on factors like age, qualifications, experience and prospective salary.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Immigration

Q: What is earned citizenship?

A: Earned citizenship is a new system effective from July 2011 that will create a three-stage route for becoming a British citizen under which an applicant will apply for a probationary citizenship rather than indefinite leave to remain. The new procedure will ensure that the rights and benefits of British citizenship are matched by responsibilities and contributions to UK society such as learning the English language and paying taxes. Where individuals can satisfy the authorities that they are showing active citizenship, becoming a full British citizen can follow quickly.

Q: What is the points-based system?

A: This is a relatively new system used by UK authorities to assess each applicant applying to come to the UK for work or study. The system is split into five tiers ranging from professionals to temporary workers, each tier having its own conditions, entitlements and entry-clearance checks. Points are awarded to applicants according to objective criteria such as age, qualifications, experience and prospective salary.

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Immigration - An Overview

Immigration applications to the UK such as for business or visitor visas, British nationality, and asylum deal with complex areas of law involving strict rules and regulations. The UK Border Agency is responsible for controlling migration in the UK, managing border control and enforcing immigration regulations.

Immigration law is constantly evolving with the rules continuously changing. The rules that govern applicants, the length of permitted stays and so on depend very much on the nature of each individual application. An immigration lawyer from Meyner and Landis LLP who is an expert in the law and procedures involved in all aspects of immigration law can help you with your questions.

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Business Immigration

Individuals frequently need or wish to visit the UK for work or study. If an employer wants to employ a migrant worker, or an educational institution wishes to enroll a student who is not an EU national, the organisation is required to be his or her sponsor. To be a sponsor, you must apply for a sponsor licence. Sponsorship is central to the points-based system used by the UK Border Agency to manage migration for individuals wishing to work or study in the UK. An immigration lawyer with experience in the law and procedures involved in immigration law can help you with your questions.

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Immigration for Personal or Family Reasons

A person may wish to travel to the UK for a period of time for a number of personal reasons, including marriage or to be with a close relative. In each case, it must invariably be shown that a relative in the UK can provide adequate accommodation and maintenance costs without the use of public funds. If you want to come to the UK for personal reasons, speak to an immigration lawyer who can provide the expert guidance you need.

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Permanent Residence and Naturalisation

An individual who has lived legally in the UK for some time may be able to apply for indefinite leave to remain. This would give you the legal right to settle here permanently, free from immigration control. If you want to apply to live in UK permanently, speak to an immigration lawyer with experience in the law and procedures involved.

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Asylum is the protection given to an individual who is recognised as a refugee. If you are in the UK, but you genuinely fear persecution if you return to your home country, you may qualify for refugee status, giving you the right to stay here. If you wish to apply for asylum in the UK, you can speak to an experienced immigration lawyer who can advise you of the way forward.

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Immigration Resource Links

UK Visas and Immigration
The official government website for visa services explains when an individual requires a visa, and sets out the requirements and procedures for obtaining a visa.
The popular immigration website gives information and advice on obtaining work permits around the world, and offers practical information about living in another country. It also has the latest international immigration news.

Refugee Council Online
The Refugee Council provides a variety of support and advocacy services for refugees and asylum seekers, and campaigns for the fairest system possible for them. The website includes useful guides on various related topics, including navigating the asylum system, and employing asylum seekers and refugees.

Life in the UK Test
The Life in the UK test must be taken by many applicants seeking indefinite leave to remain or British citizenship. The test examines an applicant’s knowledge and understanding of life in the UK to enable the Border Agency decide whether or not to grant an application. This website provides in-depth information about the test and how best to prepare.

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